About Me

I bet you have a deadline looming or someone waiting for you to call them back, so I’ll try to make this quick!

My name is Rosanne and I’m a word addict. Because of my word addiction, after I received my degree in English and Journalism, I went on to work as a freelance reporter, a managing editor of a local parenting magazine and a blogger to get my fix. I’ve shared my addiction with others by teaching high school English and tutoring kindergartners through college students in reading and writing. My little addiction even won me an AP award for a 35-page special section I did for our local newspaper, the Lima News.

With my education and expertise, I can help you deliver just the right words to your readers and clients. Whether it’s writing blog posts that connect to your clients, delivering well-researched, on-time feature articles your readers will love, sharing your company’s success stories through case studies, or giving you the peace of mind that your manuscript is error-free, let my word addiction work for you. Contact me so I can help you share just the right words with your readers and clients.